Second meeting of the KAOS project

The second meeting of Euregio project KAOS accomplished on 24th of January 2017 by hosting of Fondazione Bruno Kessler in Trento. Ten people from institutions collaborated in the project participated to the meeting and they discussed the current status of the project and accomplishments of last six months.

The meeting started by the discussion of current status of work packages and deliverables. Then, FBK and LOA presented their ongoing work together with development of Deliverable 1.1.  FBK also presented enhancing workflow-nets with data for trace completion, which is a joint work with Sergio Tessaris from KRDB/UNIBZ. UNIBZ presented current status of onprom methodology with a demonstration of onprom toolchain using conference submission system use case. UNIBZ also informed the participants about development of D2.1.

Meeting is concluded with discussing the plan for the next six months and deciding the date of the next meeting.